Daryl Fagan firewood, has been supplying residential and commercial customers with firewood that is sourced sustainably within the Victorian forestry regulations for the past 18 years. Daryl comes from a family of wood suppliers who have been in the business for over 50 years.

Daryl Fagan Firewood is registered with Firewood Association Australia INC.

We are currently one of the biggest suppliers into Melbourne of Pizza Wood.

All firewood is sold as dry season wood. Wood is put through a cleaning process prior to being loaded onto the truck to insure that dirt and rubbish is removed prior to delivery.

We currently have the ability to customize wood size as per customers’ requirements.

Daryl Fagan Firewood is situated approximately 15km north-west of Heathcote and provides customers with a prompt friendly service.


0428 616 661

77 Lewis Road Heathcote VIC Australia 3523

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